Firmware Effects

LIFX strip products (LIFX Z, LIFX Z2 and LIFX Beam); and LIFX products with a matrix of zones (LIFX Tile and LIFX Candle) support effects that run on the device itself.

Strip Effects

We currently only have one firmware effect for LIFX Strips. This firmware effect is MOVE and makes the colors on the strip move along the strip. You may specify speed, duration and direction when you start this effect

Matrix Effects

We have two firmware effects for the LIFX Tile and LIFX Candle: FLAME and MORPH

The FLAME effect will make the candle perform an effect that looks like a flame. With this effect you can only only specify speed and duration. The colors used are hard-coded and not configurable.

While the MORPH effect will continuously blend the colors you specify. With this effect you may specify speed, duration and the colors used in the effect.

Turning off firmware effects

You can make a firmware effect stop by sending the correct SetEffect message with the type attribute set to the OFF value (always 0)

Other Effects

Note that all other effects available in the LIFX mobile apps are achieved by constantly sending messages to the devices, which is why the mobile app must remain open for those effects to continue.