HEV Light Control

Our Clean range of LIFX products are capable of emitting germicidal antibacterial light (HEV), which can eliminate up to 90% of bacteria such as S. aureus and E. coli on surfaces.

HEV information

High-energy visible (HEV) light is a 405nm light and, at this specific wavelength, has a disinfecting effect (called porphyrin excitation) on bacterial microbes. While the use of UV-C light has a much quicker antimicrobial effect, it is dangerous to human skin and eyes. In contrast, HEV lighting is safe for use in the presence of humans, pets and plants and, unlike UV-C, requires no protective measures for its use.

Behaviour specifications

In terms of behaviour, these lights are modal in that when the HEV LEDs are turned on, the RGB LEDs are turned off and vice versa. During the HEV period, the device will report its power level as on. Then, once the HEV period ends, the device will revert to the RGB power state that it was in before the HEV was turned on.

The device is similar to our NightVision range in that it behaves like any other colour device, but it also contains the extra LEDs for additional capabilities.

Messages for behaviour

We have new messages for changing the HEV behaviour of the device.