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The LIFX Switch

LIFX released in 2020 a new device that is installed in your wall and acts as a physical interface to turning your lights on and off. This device can control "dumb" lights wired into the switch as well as your smart lights attached to the LIFX Cloud.

This device is a "non light" and has some differencees in behaviour to existing LIFX devices.

This includes new messages to control the features specific to the Switch and some differences in how it responds to existing "light" messages.

You can find switch related messages on the switch messages page.

For existing messages in the LIFX public API, the device will appear like any other LIFX device on your network except for its response to Light messages. As the switch is not a "light", it will ignore these messages and return a special StateUnhandled message instead of the usual State message a LIFX light would respond with.

StateUnhandled - 223

Expresses that the device received but did not support your message

unhandled_typeunsigned 16-bit integerThe type of the packet that was ignored

For example, if you send a GetColor to a LIFX switch, then you would received a StateUnhandled with a unhandled_type of 101.

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The LIFX Switch

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